Lead Frontend Engineer

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MSB is a developer-first training platform where software engineers train on real-world engineering challenges. By replicating top engineering learning environments (Netflix, Google, Uber) we are rethinking dev training from the ground up. Our mission is to democratise access to top engineering (work) experience by merging the worlds of Education & Work and address the global shortage of qualified software engineers.


We’re building the world’s most complex browser interface, an all-new learning medium. 

Books & documentation have evolved into video tutorials the past decade. We believe we’re at the cusp of a fundamentally new learning era that leverages the latest technologies which will finally narrow the gap between education & work. Developers used to learn by reading, then by watching and are now finally able to learn by doing. Because the platform we’re building is pushing the limits of what is technically possible - we are looking for exceptional people who’ve mastered their craft and love challenging the status quo.

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We’re looking for experienced Frontend engineers with experience with Vue.js (or any other reactive framework) with a strong design aesthetic and deep knowledge of browser technologies. We’re building the world’s most complex browser interface, which will guide our users and allow them deep levels of system introspection while learning. Ideally, you have experience building complex UI transitions and animations and a strong focus on designing the data architecture supporting such systems.

• You are comfortable owning your projects 

• You understand reactive state management 

• Experience testing complex interfaces 

• You love getting things through the finish line  

• 7+ yrs experience as a Frontend engineer 

• You have a strong portfolio of finished projects

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MSB was founded by Mislav Stipetic (CTO) and Jord van den Hooff (CEO).  

Mislav hails from the East of Croatia and later moved to Zagreb where he studied CS. Always hacking projects on the side, one of them landed him a speaker slot at the EuroPython in Berlin. Once in Berlin he joined Delivery Hero as an infra engineer (his first frustrations that led to MSB may have started here...) He then joined the AI/data science team at Flixbus where he worked on the pricing engine (that now sets bus prices across Europe and the US). His most recent role was at Infarm where he was a Tech Lead running IoT. In 2018 he got accepted into EF which is where he met Jord...

Jord grew up around Amsterdam and moved to China when he was 19. He ended up studying Chinese and worked across China (Shenzhen, Chengdu & Shanghai) for 10 years. He co-founded Taxi-Book (a translation tool) in 2008, Jellyfish (a nightclub) in 2010 and Artifesto (a web-to-print e-commerce in 2011 - RIP). After that he joined agencies Razorfish & Publicis in Shanghai where led design teams as UX Director. In 2017 he moved to Nairobi where he joined the Lori team to help set up product. After a short stint in Africa he joined BCG DV in Berlin as a senior PM. In 2018 he got into EF as well and started discussing the state of EdTech with Mislav...

If you're interested in how MSB got off the ground, you may enjoy reading: MVP, The Art of Cutting Corners